Case Study: Concept to Prototype and Patent


Hybridization Station

A hybridization station was required to support lab-on-a-chip activities in the field of DNA analysis. This complex project included integration of a client’s scientific research, with existing lab equipment and techniques, a custom programmed touch-panel control, software and with unique thermal- and fluid-cycle requirements. The client required several complete desk-top units to continue research, and to patent.

This device included four analysis and control modules, two fluids distribution modules, pneumatic actuation, heating and cooling circuits, on-board fluids, and a touch-screen microprocessor. The client also required the ability to open the prototypes with a swing-top cover in order to access experimental components.

The below images demonstrate the tightly integrated components, with a focus on user-access to critical devices, such as fluid distribution module.

This device was patented under US2004/0101444A1.

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Xeotron int model

Hybridization Station interior prototype model.

Xeotron int

Hybridization Station interior prototype.

Xeotron Pat dwg

Hybridization Station patent drawing